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A Celebration of Fashion, Food & Drinkin Support of Food 4 Kids Hamilton! Hamilton’s own Food 4 Kids. Your ticket includes all of this plus your donation to Food 4 Kids Hamilton; the inspiring local organization dedicated to ensuring that no child in our community goes hungry.

Court Services vehicle use to transport prisonersCelebrate the spirit of the roaring ’20s with an array of delectable cuisine; speakeasy-approved libations, 1920’s inspired fashion and haberdashery, both a silent & live auction and a few surprises to assure a roaring good time! Seats are limited, so book your spot today! Visa, MC, debit, cash accepted. Food 4 Kids: Silent Auction 5:00pm-7:30pm with carryover items through Speakeasy as well.

The roaring tunes from the 1920’s band, The Vaudevillian make you get off your doggone caboose & do the lindy hop! The old fashioned gentleman, Jitterbug James, the mouthy Norah Spades & the Southerner Piedmont Johnson bring you dancing numbers from the prohibition period! Get ready to shine your shoes to do the skoodle um skoo!

  • Ontario Est, Montreal
  • Queen Street West, M6R 1A6
  • Oz (30 g) Canadian whisky
  • Church Street | 416-364-8368 |
  • Chorizo sausage nachos with three cheeses, banana peppers, pineapple, cilantro and scallions

Alternatively, you can also apply for a BYID (Bring Your Identification) card through the LCBO. The BYID card is endorsed by the provincial government and proves that you’re of legal drinking age. Pick up an application at any LCBO store or print the form online.

It’s also good to note that the LCBO IDs anyone who looks under the age of 25, so even if you’re over 25, don’t assume you won’t get asked for ID. Always have it with you so you don’t get up to the counter and then all of a sudden can’t buy that bottle of wine you were hoping to enjoy with dinner.

You may think that a health card would make for good photo ID, but this isn’t the case. Newer Ontario Health Cards have a photo and include your age, but the problem is that because the card is considered part of private health information, staff at bars and other licensed establishments aren’t allowed to ask to see it.

Because they aren’t allowed to ask to see them, Ontario Health Cards aren’t on the list of approved ID provided by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. This means you can offer your health card at a bar or restaurant and the staff can decide if they’re willing to accept it or not.

If this is something you’re planning to do, it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask if the place you’re planning on going accepts Ontario Health Cards as ID. Some people get confused when it comes to the legal drinking age in Toronto and assume it’s 18 because that’s what it is elsewhere in Canada. In some provinces of Canada the legal drinking age is lower than in Ontario. In Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba the legal drinking age is 18. The drinking age in Ontario was also 18 up through 1978, but on January 1st 1979 it was raised to 19, where it has remained every since.

This is a great cocktail for cold weather, although when I discovered it in was early fall in Texas (more about that below). Like many Americans, I have been to the city for which the cocktail is named. If you have not traveled much (or at all) outside of the United States, Toronto is a good gateway destination.

Combine everything into a shaker with ice, stir like you’re shivering from a cold wind that just came off of Lake Ontario, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. When I mention a flame kissed orange peel, I really mean it. So how did I discover this cocktail in Texas of all places?

Last year I tagged along with my wife on one of her business trips, and one night we ended up at CU29, a wonderful cocktail bar in Austin. I put my liver in the hands of Cole, a fantastic bartender (he no longer works there but Belle and Chris are there and know what they’re doing), when I asked for him to make me a rye based cocktail.

What he made was a variation on the Toronto. He used Branca Menta (a mint flavored cousin of Fernet Branca) and the result was nothing short of amazing. Sometimes you have to go in what seems to be the opposite direction to get to your destination. That’s how I went to Texas but ended up in Toronto.

Everyone knows that most (if not all) activities are more fun when you add alcohol. Gaming is no exception. At Bartari, every table is decked out with new and retro consoles that can be played while accompanied by standard Canadian bar fare. Power up and refuel with poutines, wraps and burgers and wash them down with beers and cocktails.


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